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Trip and Fall Accidents

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Falls happen fast.

Sometimes it happens like this. . . You’re going about your business in no certain rush, when suddenly the ground rushes up to meet you. It happens so fast. Or maybe the impact takes forever to occur, almost in slow motion. Either way, the result is an accident that you never saw coming, but whose injury has very abruptly and painfully arrived.

 Property owners are required by law to keep their premises safe for passers-by and visitors. This includes sidewalks in residential neighborhoods. State and federal government have a responsibility to keep roadways and sidewalks free of hazards. If the government and private property owners do not keep their premises clear of dangers, and serious injuries result, they can be held liable.

Vingelli and Company is experienced and with premises liability accidents involving everyday situations such as:

  • Slippery or uneven sidewalks, cobblestones, or pavement
  • Holes in golf course, grassy areas, and park environments
  • Potholes
  • Steeply sloping driveways, walkways, and entrances
  • Slippery floor surfaces or floor coverings from oil, grease, water, liquids, or food on the floor
  • Uneven stairs or inadequate stair rails
  • Outdoor hazards such as tree roots, ice, loose gravel, etc.
  • Cords, wires, or items carelessly left on the ground
  • Trips, slips, or even blows to the head or body due to blocked or mismanaged store aisles
  • Construction hazards
  • Unsafe balconies, railings, or stairs
  • Slippery floors
  • Neglected public areas
  • Poor visibility and lighting
  • Objects in a walkway
  • Narrow stairs and broken rails

Slip and fall/trip and fall accidents cause serious injury.

The injuries caused by slip and fall or trip and fall accidents can be severe, including broken hips, broken wrists and arms, back injuries, head injuries and brain injuries, even death. In fact, more than 55 percent of people 40 and older will suffer a debilitating slip and fall accident during their lifetime. That means it is not just important to watch your step, but to proceed with caution and the best company beside you.  Vingelli and Company represents individuals who have been injured in premises liability accidents throughout Arizona. We seek full and fair compensation for all damages and losses, including immediate and future medical care, rehabilitation, lost wages, and lost earning potential. We conduct a thorough investigation and involve experts to help us systematically prepare a case designed for acceptable settlement or, if required, effective and successful presentation to a jury.

It’s important to contact the right attorney, right away.

If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident, act now. Handling a slip and fall case on your own can be a costly mistake.

Insurance companies are well known for delaying and denying payment for slip and fall claims, since such cases can be difficult to win without the guidance of an experienced attorney. Shortly after your accident, the insurance company may try to talk with you to obtain a tape-recorded statement. Ideally, they want to interview you before you can speak with an attorney. The insurance company can use your statements against you to deny or limit your recovery. They can even blame you for your injuries, claiming you were not careful, distracted or otherwise inattentive. Your legal team at Vingelli and Company will guide you through your insurance interactions and handle them for you.

Securing evidence early is crucial to winning your slip and fall case. The insurance company for the property owner will try to deny your claim. The property owner may change or alter the unsafe conditions. Security videos are often set to delete footage every few days and may destroy evidence critical to your case. We will promptly obtain evidence to show the property owner, and not you, is at fault. We will photograph the area where you fell. We will obtain statements from witnesses who saw the accident or dangerous condition. We will locate prior complaints about the hazardous conditions and prior slip and fall accidents at the same location. When it comes to slip and fall cases, we know what needs to be done and we will secure evidence before it is destroyed. The bottom line . . . We will do everything allowed by law to make sure your rights are protected.


Contact us now for a free consultation. At Vingelli and Company, we will demand that the insurance company take the necessary action to get your bills paid. We will do everything to help you receive the full compensation you deserve.

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