Medical Negligence

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Medical Negligence

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Medical Malpractice

Medical errors can happen to anyone.

Any trip to the doctor’s office involves a fairly straightforward trade off: you hand over your personal safety and health to your physician who has eight plus years of training and countless years of experience. In return for your trust, you gain better health, and the solution to an ailment or physical problem that you couldn’t have even begun to repair yourself. Most times, the professional arrangement between medical care provider and patient is effortless and beneficial.  But as in every profession, some health care providers are better than others, and even good doctors have bad days.

Ultimately, any person or entity providing care for a patient may be guilty of medical malpractice. However, it is important to keep in mind that a malpractice suit, like healthcare itself, is serious business. Injuries suffered as a result of medical malpractice can be severe and life altering. At Vingelli and Company, we understand your immediate goals after going through such a traumatic event. We work tirelessly to remove the typical burdens associated with medical malpractice cases:

We get your medical bills efficiently covered, approved, and paid.

We provide that you do not suffer financially through lost wages now or in the future.

We fight to ensure that your insurance company pays for future treatment required and related to your injury.

Choosing the right attorney to fight for you . . .

If you or someone you know recently incurred a medical malpractice injury, it is critical that you contact Vingelli and Company immediately. Doctors, hospitals and insurance providers have legislated themselves special protections that may take away your right to fair compensation for your medical malpractice injuries if you do not act quickly. Corroborating evidence from other medical professionals is often necessary. Our experienced medical malpractice attorney will discuss your situation and go over the options available to you. We will also work with insurance companies and other parties involved in your case to make sure all your needs are handled quickly and appropriately.

Medical malpractice can occur in any medical field. In addition to hospital malpractice, other types of professional medical malpractice include chiropractic malpractice, dental negligence, malpractice by an OB/GYN, orthopedic malpractice, psychiatric malpractice, cosmetic surgery errors and nursing home negligence. Health maintenance organizations (HMOs) can also commit professional malpractice by refusing eligible members, denying coverage after hearing a policy member’s dilemma or refusing to pay for treatments solely because of cost.  Medical personnel who may be implicated in a medical malpractice suit typically include:

To have a medical malpractice claim, the patient or loved one must prove the caregiver’s actions led directly to worsening the patient’s condition. At the Law Offices of Vingelli and Company, we handle a wide variety of claims for clients, including claims arising from:

Makes the difference in recoveries of every kind.

When you are hurt by negligent or intentional acts of a healthcare giver, the Law Offices Vingelli and Company pursue justice for you through a medical malpractice lawsuit or claim. We handle medical malpractice claims, and have prior experience as defense counsel for physicians and hospitals. Ours is a statewide practice, and we have successfully tried medical malpractice cases before juries across Arizona. We also selectively handle major, out-of-state cases. Our stance in fighting for you, our client is simple. The reason you go to a heath care provider is to get better, not to get worse.
If you have a potential medical malpractice claim, please contact us today at (480) 624-2788 or fill out our case evaluation form right away.


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