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Law Offices of Vingelli and Company

John N. Vingelli, Esq.

At the Law Offices of Vingelli and Company, we realize that life often brings with it unexpected twists and turns. We believe that today’s world brings about not just unique challenges, but opportunities to be at one’s best.

The defining factor in success in life is often the company that one keeps. It is about knowing the experts, telling your story to the best listeners, befriending the toughest kids on the block, seeking out those with good character, and then making certain that each of them cares . . . about you.

At Vingelli and Company, we build relationships for life. Our goal with every client is to become their trusted adviser. We listen closely to your needs and challenges to ensure an exceptional outcome to your present matters. We remove your current burdens and take over the fight when required. And all the while, we aim to get to know you beyond just your case file, as an individual with unique goals and plans. We see the bigger picture beyond your present case, so that we can be counted on to stand by your side for whatever life throws your way in the future. Here at Vingelli and Company, your success, in matters large and small, isn’t just something that is important to us, it is the only thing that is important to us.

You see, when we started our firm, we built it around the ongoing needs of the client. Why? Not because it is the suggested, business-model thing to do, but because long before we were in law, we experienced law as clients. We have all been injured, faced with disputes, crashed by cars, chased down by the neighbor’s dog, aggrieved by the loss of a loved one, and even held responsible for our share of mistakes . . . just like everyone else who goes about living a full life. At Vingelli and Company, we know very well that life happens. We also know that help along the way is essential. In fact, success often depends on the company that you keep.

Hiring an attorney to represent you and your family is a critical and personal decision. As a prospective client, anyone you consider is effectively applying for the job of representing all aspects of who you are.

When it comes time to seek out legal advice, carefully consider your options for representation. Choose the most qualified, but also the most considerate counsel. Make certain your support is strong and straightforward. Most of all, hire someone interested in you for the long term, so that you can be ensured of the best results in every short term.

At Vingelli and Company, we represent clients from all walks of life throughout Arizona. Because we are a small office, we are able to offer the attentive, personalized service we pride ourselves on. You can count on us to represent you across a broad range of civil litigation, personal injury, and criminal defense matters. We approach each case by first concentrating on the practical solutions available to meet your personal needs. You can rest assured that we will be completely honest, thoroughly explaining how the law affects you. We will always be accessible to remove your burdens and we will never add to them by setting unrealistic expectations. We will be in it for the long haul.

We are Vingelli and Company and we are applying to be your agile adviser, your assertive advocate, and your assailing army, all in one. Hire us today.

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