Civil Litigation

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Civil Litigation

Vingelli and Company is always at your side.

Civil Litigation

Your success, in matters large and small, isn’t just something important to us – it is the only thing that matters.

You see, when we started our firm, we built it around the ongoing needs of the client. Why? Not just because it is the traditional, business-model thing to do, but because long before we were in law, we were subject to the laws ourselves.  We began our journey as clients. We were injured, faced with disputes, chased down by the neighbor’s dog, crashed in cars, jostled in bus accidents. . .the list goes on just as it does for all of us living life to its fullest. At Vingelli and Company, we know very well that life happens. We also know that help along the way is essential.  In fact, success depends upon the company that you keep.  We can still hear our parents’ voices reminding us that association and reputation are critical calling cards for every individual. What we all spend years acquiring and achieving through hard work and ethical conduct , can be dashed in an instant without the right associations around us and the correct assumptions of our character.

Your team at Vingelli and Company is skilled in civil litigation, with years of experience resolving legal disputes around the negotiating table and inside the courtroom. We represent clients embroiled in disputes ranging from business law to personal injury compensation. In each case, we approach litigation with the same philosophy, based on our primary goal: faithfully representing our clients’ interests at all stages of their lives. Our areas of civil litigation specialty include:

Our founder, John N. Vingelli, has spent well over a decade building his reputation as a leader in litigation in Arizona. In addition, Vingelli and Company has contacts with top attorneys throughout the United States. If your dispute is out of state, we will refer you to a lawyer we know and trust. Think of Vingelli and Company as your personal legal team. We will stand by you in good times and in challenging times to see you successfully through life’s twists and turns.

If you have a dispute that you think may need to be litigated, or any type of legal concern for which you may need an informed referral,  reach out to Vingelli and Company today by filling out our online contact form or by calling us at (480) 624-2788.


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