Commercial Disputes

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Commercial Disputes

Your business is one of the most valuable assets that you possess. How horrible would it be to watch all of the hard work you put into building your company evaporate over commercial litigation that goes wrong. Scottsdale commercial attorneys such as those at Vingelli & Company Law Offices will work to protect you in court when disputes arise.

What may be considered a commercial dispute?

Commercial litigation is an umbrella term that represents many cases in court. A breach of contract, where one business breaks the terms of an agreement with another, may be considered a commercial dispute. Along similar lines, an instance where a company does not live up to its guarantee to consumers may also be deemed a breach of contract.

There are even instances where commercial litigation involves a massive lawsuit commonly referred to as a class action suit. The key factor in such a claim is an offense that the company allegedly inflicted on multiple parties. Class action suits have the power to bankrupt a business if lost in court. Such is the reason why it is important to hire Scottsdale commercial attorneys who are highly skilled and passionate about your case.

Other types of commercial disputes include:

It is best to contact your attorney if you are a business owner involved in a dispute.

How can Vingelli & Company Law Offices help?

We have been in the business of helping to solve commercial disputes for many years. Our attorneys are passionate and dedicated to finding solutions that benefit our clients the most. We can help if your case goes to court or if you need a legal professional to review contracts before you sign. Call us today to get started with your consultation!


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