DUI/Boating Under the Influence

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DUI/Boating Under the Influence

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Driving Under the Influence

Have You Recently Been Charged with a DUI?

If you find yourself arrested in Arizona for a DUI or DWI, Vingelli and Company is who you want on your side, relentlessly fighting for your rights. Led by former Maricopa County Prosecutor and Assistant Bureau Chief, John N. Vingelli, the Law Offices of Vingelli and Company aggressively handles driving under the influence of alcohol and drug case as among its top priorities.

At Vingelli and Company, we take great care in assisting all of our clients to keep the severe consequences resulting from a DUI conviction from impacting their lives. In Arizona, if you are stopped and arrested for DUI you will be charged with a crime.Conviction of DUI charges carries serious penalties and consequences that could impact your future. Some of the consequences resulting from conviction include loss of your license, fines, installment of an interlock device on your car that must be blown into before starting you car, and even jail time. You may have difficulties with employment, have higher insurance rates, and even lose your job if a DUI is on your record.

As a DUI defense attorney, John N. Vingelli and the team here at Vingelli and Company handle all matters concerning DUI charges, and DMV administrative hearings throughout Arizona. Our dedicated team will assist you with many different situations involving the DUI process, including the DUI court process you will be facing, and the impact of any field sobriety, blood and breath tests you might have taken during the initial arrest. Contact Vingelli and Company immediately if you have any prior DUI arrests, or are facing a felony DUI, under age DUI, DUI involving accidents, DUI causing injury, vehicular manslaughter or a DUI involving drugs. The Law offices of Vingelli and Company is well known for the aggressive representation of our clients facing all degrees of DUI charges. It is critical that you contact us today.

There are many steps that need to be taken to ensure that you protect your right to drive and avoid a costly and damaging DUI conviction. Many steps can also be taken in the effort to protect your rights, including looking into the legalities of unlawful police stops. No matter your exact situation, no matter if you are facing a chemical test refusal, are an out of state driver, or are looking into a DUI expungement, you can be confident that Vingelli and Comany will go the distance to help you achieve your optimum outcome. DUI Defense Attorney in Arizona, John N. Vingelli, uses skills honed as a Maricopa County Prosecutor to aggressively defend his Arizona DUI clients. Mr. Vingelli and his team at Vingelli and Company are known for working up his cases by conducting a thorough and independent investigation separate and apart from law enforcement. He leaves no stone unturned when defending his clients, no matter if they are fighting a second, third or fourth DUI offense. Mr. Vingelli believes in finding every possible defense against your DUI charges and will conduct his own thorough and independent investigation into your charges. Every aspect of your traffic stop, arrest, and breathalyzer test will be closely scrutinized for any challenges that can be made to the evidence presented against you.

Vingelli and Company believes in working hard for you to avoid convictions and unwanted consequences resulting from DUI arrest. If you have been arrested or charged with a DUI offense in Cave Creek, Carefree, Scottsdale, Greater Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Fountain Hills, Tucson or other Arizona city, contact the Law Offices of Vingelli and Company today. We understand that you are likely very concerned about your situation and the seriousness of your offense. Attorney John N. Vingelli will meet with you free of charge to determine how best to defend you and how to resolve your case without you going to jail. With his extensive knowledge of the law and the legal system, he is your best choice for your DUI defense throughout Arizona.

Contact Vingelli and Company today for your free consultation by completing our online form, or calling our office at (480) 624-2788.



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