Wrongful Death

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Wrongful Death

We stand by you in times of loss.

Wrongful Death

No matter who you are, no matter what the timing . . . losing a loved one is overwhelming. Coupled with the emotions of loss and grief, families face the work of sorting out medical bills, settling an estate, and soothing each other, all while coping with the new found absence of their loved one. At Vingelli and Company, we know that strong and compassionate support makes a profound difference in the lives of those left behind. We believe that the best way to honor those who have gone before us is to protect and further their legacy by caring for those who remain. While your family takes care of each other . . . we take care of your family.

We find the answers.

Questions often arise regarding the circumstances that led to a loved one’s wrongful death. Anxiety and anger surface, and answers are sought out. At Vingelli and Company, we understand that your family needs aggressive and experienced representation to obtain information and gain closure. Our investigative team ensures our clients have the full story and the legal opportunity to set things right. First, we obtain vital information from agencies, medical entities, and interested parties that is typically not easily released or shared. Then, we provide your family with the details, and help to determine your options. We never charge our clients any out of pocket fees or costs, if we investigate your case and determine that there is not a viable claim. When we do take a case, we only get paid if and when we recover money for your family.

We ease the burdens.

The main goal of Vingelli and Company is to take from your shoulders as much of life’s weight as possible. This applies especially to instances when your family suspects that wrongful death may be case. Once Vingelli and Company is at your side, we remove the worry and daily management of your wrongful death questions. We are unyielding in our investigations. We update you regularly with our progress, to ease your worry. We operate in the background when possible, and we fight out in front when required. We let you get back to the business of life, because your concerns are our business.

We will start today.

There are compelling reasons to contact Vingelli and Company immediately if your suspect unlawful or unethical circumstances surrounding the death of your loved one. The most obvious is to ease your mind by getting some answers from an expert. After all, worry is healing’s greatest foe. There are, however, also intensely practical reasons for contacting Vingelli and Company right away. While your family may want to wait to contact an attorney after final arrangements are made, waiting can have negative consequences on any wrongful death case. Investigations on your family’s behalf should begin as soon as possible following a fatal event. Critical evidence must be preserved, witnesses and records secured, and other crucial elements of the event gathered. There are often also short deadlines in which cases must be filed. Parties responsible for your loved one’s death may be accountable for damages that can include lost earnings, future earnings, medical expenses, funeral and burial costs, pain and suffering, and loss of companionship. While nothing can erase your loss or return your loved one, the steps you take in the days ahead can help to off-load your burdens and ease your mind. Start by calling Vingelli and Company today, so that together we can begin to make tomorrow a bit better.


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